Kate JacksonIndependent Director

Dr. Kathryn Jackson, one of our independent director nominees, is an accomplished executive leader with a highly successful career in electricity generation, energy system operations and technology management. Dr. Jackson recently served as Director of Energy and Technology Consulting for KeySource, Inc. Prior to this role, Dr. Jackson has served as President and Chief Technology Officer for RTI International Metals, Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President for Research and Technology for Westinghouse Electric Company, LLC, and Executive Vice President of River System Operations and Environment for the Tennessee Valley Authority. Dr. Jackson serves on the board of directors of Portland General Electric, Cameco Corporation and EQT. Dr. Jackson previously served on the board of directors of Rice Energy from April 2017 until its acquisition by EQT. Dr. Jackson holds advanced degrees in engineering, industrial engineering, and public policy from Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh. We believe Dr. Jackson’s broad experience and deep technical knowledge across renewable and non-renewable energy sources will help us in our pursuit of a business combination that creates value for our stockholders and clean energy for our country.

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